EMBROIDERY PRINCE was born in 2010 for help to other peoples how related to embroidery field. Owners of Embroidery Unites, Designer of Wilcom Software and new peoples who want to join This field as a profession for Good and Happy life.

We make video tutorials for New comers for learning Wilcom software step by step. We offer very cheep PRICE of this Tutorial Package for every one and also offer our Web platform for every one new and experienced persons for sale his Art on this Site. For  Registration




Our vision at Perfect Stitch Embroidery is to provide quality Digitizing at reasonable prices. We believe our employees are part of a team that works together to ensure this vision. We want all our employees to enjoy their positions here at Perfect Stitch Embroidery and we work hard to accommodate their personal needs. We believe working together in a positive atmosphere, ensures high quality production and a safe, friendly work environment.

Are you after a more professional look? Embroidery is the way to go! Design, Design, Design… the great thing about embroidery is there is no limit to your Design. Our art department can come up with a specialized logo for you or just choose from the thousands of stock designs we have available. Hats, bags, polos, jackets, you name it–we’ve Digitize it!

Embroidery Prince mission is to stand out as the embroidery purveyor of choice for
people who value high-quality, accurately Digitizing and a 100% satisfying purchase
experience. By doing this successfully, Embroidery Prince will achieve repeat and referral business, which will help the company achieve its business goals.

Our Customer Bill Of Rights

  • You have the right to get a real live human being answering your calls and questions. For that reason, we don’t have voice mail on our phones.
  • You have the right to get things done on time. We understand how important your deadline is, and we focus on delivering your order timely. Most orders full fill within two hr, and rush service is always available.
  • You have the right to have the sharpest and cleanest translation of your image for embroidery, and our in-house design department works very hard to achieve that goal.
  • You have the right to be respected and treated like our #1 customer, whether your order is for one item or for thousands.
  • You have the right to a 100% satisfying purchase experience at a fair price. After all, you can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin him once.
  • You have the right to be heard. That’s why you can call us 0092-308-777-8042 with your questions, comments, or concerns.
  • You have the right to refer Embroidery Prince to your friends and colleagues if you are 100% satisfied. Some of our customers have been with us for 10 years, and more than 90% would refer us to a friend.

You have the right to be satisfied. Call us immediately if you’re not, and we’ll make it right.

We fully cooperate with our customer and cover our work .We do not compromise on quality. We need our customers' pleasure at all costs.That's why 
we have customers who are very happy with us


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Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2
corel draw
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

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We have 500+ Members how work with us all member work checked and verified by our Expert team


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We Made 100+ Design Per Day and upload on our website


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We have More then 200 Happy Customers. They are highly Satisfied With our work


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300+ Glass of Water Get Drunk by our Team Daily


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